The Ready to Wear

Bespoke eyewear

In our boutique/workshop we design and hand make glasses according to your tastes, prescription and facial features. 

Contact lenses

In partnership with your ophthalmologist, we fit and dispense all types of lenses (soft, rigid, therapeutic, fantasy, etc.). This service is reserved for people over 18.

We also sell of contact lens cleaning solutions.

The Ready to Wear

We have design a Ready to Wear collection. The frames are made in limited edition by our care and french craftsmen. Those eyewear are sold in our boutique/workshop and at our retailers.


Since January 1, 2020 anyone with a french insurance with a responsible contract can get a basic eyewear fully covered.

This includes

- 1 frame worth 30 € (to choose from a very specific selection)

- a pair of lenses (single or progressive) in the 100% Santé category


Our glasses and lenses are covered by your health insurances up to the guarantees subscribed.

When you bring us your CARTE VITALE, we take care of the paper work with your CPAM in order to accelerate the mutuelle's reimbursement.

Eye exams

We are able to check, adapt and correct valid optical prescriptions for adults (if there is not any specific condition).

Validity of a french prescription:


6 months: for children under 6 years old

1 year: for children between the ages of 6 and 15 years old

5 years old: for adults between the ages of 16 to 42 years old

3 years old: for adults over 42 years old

If your eyesight seems to have changed, you can come and see us directly. We are able to check your vision, modify your corrections and show you new eyeglasses.

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